We provide leadership to your security issues, thereby maximizing the efforts of others towards a common goal.


OnBelay Security Solutions has a leadership team of individuals with in excess of 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of security management, consulting and investigations. Our experience spans the globe geographically, touches on all types and phases of security issues, programs, and investigations, to include extensive experience in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the handling of all security related issues for major corporations. Our leadership team ensures quality service and results for OnBelay Security Solutions clients.

Wayne F. Manis

Wayne Manis served for more than 28 years as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Preceding the FBI, Wayne was a United States Marine Corps Captain and acting Provost Marshal in charge of the Criminal Division of Forced Troops, Fleet Marine Force Pacific. During Wayne's FBI career, he spearheaded the FBI s undercover program being the first agent to go undercover following WW ll. While working undercover, Wayne penetrated the violent factions of the New Left in Chicago, posed as a hit man in a mob related murder for hire case and infiltrated the notorious criminal empire of the New Orleans Crime Family after receiving the blessing from the family s Godfather, Carlos Marcello.

Wayne also served as a team leader of an elite FBI SWAT Team and was engaged in several deadly shootouts while serving in this capacity. Later, Wayne was the lead case agent for the nation's largest domestic terrorism case prior to the Oklahoma City bombing. The case targeted a white supremacist group known as "The Order". Wayne has been featured in several episodes of the T.V. series, FBI-The Untold Stories, Turning Point produced by ABC, Discovery Channel's Angry America, and The FBI Files. He has been a news commentator for CNN and a speaker on Domestic Terrorism throughout the United States and Canada. His career and casework have historical implications and still reverberate into many present day events.

Richard D. Gibbins

Richard Gibbins has over thirty (30) years investigative experience in both the public and private sector, earning a reputation for investigative excellence. Mr. Gibbins has 13 years experience in law enforcement; ten (10) of those years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Additionally, he handled all investigative and security related matters in the 15 western states of the U.S. and Western Canada for Amoco Corporation, a fortune 10 oil & gas company, operating from Denver, Colorado. He was also responsible for worldwide investigative issues for Compaq Computer Corporation at their corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.

His experience is varied, as evidenced by handling such issues as:

  • Led an investigation resulting in criminal prosecution of Federal Mail and Wire Fraud and Felony Theft charges against a supervisor of accounting and a financial analyst who developed a scheme of forming fictitious companies and directing payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars to themselves;
  • Identified an employee of a major oil company who forced contractors to perform personal favors such as building his home and purchasing his vehicles, in return for obtaining company business, which resulted in a successful civil prosecution against the employee and the identification of numerous contractors participating in the schemes;
  • Led an investigation that resulted in the criminal prosecution of an employee of a major oil services company and a contractor who were involved in the illegal payments of kickbacks totaling over $2MM to the employee, plus the recovery of significant proprietary equipment from the contractor;
  • Identified organized international criminal affiliations with the principals of the clients acquisition target, saving them embarrassment and potential financial difficulty;
  • Conducted a security and risk vulnerability assessment of a gold mining operation in Nevada.

Mr. Gibbins was recruited to develop an investigative function for Compaq Computer Corporation in 1988, the fastest growing company in the history of American business at that time. He developed an investigative protocol and staff with responsibility for investigations resulting in the recovery of proprietary equipment and technology in the millions of dollars, with hundreds of arrests and convictions.

Mr. Gibbins has represented multi-national corporations, small privately held companies, and high net worth individuals in issues ranging from theft, fraud, and conflicts of interest to complex Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, traveling to such places as India, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and throughout Europe. Additionally, he consults with clients on security best practices, helping to create an environment for intelligent solutions for business risk.

Mr. Gibbins was the founder and twice elected President of the Southwest Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigators Association and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.